This  is a journal I kept during the very first lockdown, around the time between April 2020 to June 2020, scanned and put together these last days. It shows a very personal side of myself without needing many words. You will find notes, doodles, newspaper cutouts, collages and photos in here. Though, most things are in German.

You can either download all pages as a PDF or use the WebGL build I made in Unity to flip through the pages. This works either via mouse drag or, when using your phone in Firefox (or other browsers that support this) swiping through the pages. You can also magnify  and see some more details!

The WebGL build is not perfect yet, sorry for any bugs with the page flipping! I hope you enjoy it nonetheless.

  • Length: 72 pages
  • Color
  • Mainly German


All images are made by myself as part of a collage/journal. Feel free to use the collages for your own works and letting me know if you did so, but, if you post it somewhere, please name me (Tanija) as the source.

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TagsArt Book, artgame, book, Comics, Experimental, Unity, zine
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Really love this! The page turning feels great. I especially liked the page turn where the bat & creatures turn into feet facing the wall & an amp lol. The page turning itself also reminded me of the Flip-o-Rama panels from the Captain Underpants books. 

Ohh, thank you! And yes, it’s translucent paper, I tried to make it work as page here, too, haha. Glad it worked out!


The WebGL worked for me. Really love the rip, tear, and paint? aesthetic. 

Yes, it’s paint! And thank you a lot!


This is so amazing I really don't know what to say you really went all out! It's interesting, nice to look at, and just cool. I adore the style of this so much.


Thank you a lot! I enjoy sketchbooks and journals a lot, so, it happens a lot that I spend weeks on these. c: